Commercial Solar Installations and Packages

If you are starting on a new business or want to upgrade the existing one with modern energy efficient solutions, then SunSolar Energy is the right stop for you. We have the solutions to make your energy systems sustainable, durable and cost-effective. We believe in delivering clean energy for a green planet. Our’s is a passionate team, known for delivering unmatched commercial solar installation services with unparalleled expertise.

Why Opt For Commercial Solar Systems Australia?

The demand for commercial solar panels is at an all time high in various nations of the world, including Australia. One primary concern of business is to reduce the expenditure, and saving on energy bills will go a long way. And this is just one of the many benefits of commercial solar system installation. Switching to commercial solar, Australia can enjoy:

Commercial Solar Systems provide high returns on investment while protecting the environment of the community you work for.


How do Commercial Solar Systems Work?

The working of commercial solar panels is quite similar to that of residential solar panels. The commercial solar systems convert the sunlight into electricity with the help of solar panels installed on the roof tops. The panels have cells that absorb the sunlight to produce DC( direct current ). This DC is then converted to AC which consequently powers the place.

The best part of commercial solar system installations is they provide energy instantly. Also, if the energy is not in use, this energy can be stored in batteries or fed to the electricity grid. The electricity supplying companies will give you credits in return of this feedback thus reducing your energy bills. All you need to reap this benefit is an open space to install the solar panels. It could be on a rooftop, or a ground mount structure.

Our Commercial Solar Australia Service Profile:

Refurbishing your workspace with solar energy is a walk on cake with the right commercial solar companies. At SunSolar Energy, we offer expert services to ensure an energy efficient and green workplace. Our comprehensive profile of services is inclusive of

Partnering with SunSolar Energy ensures customer-centric and result oriented commercial solar installation solutions in Australia.

Commercial Solar Packages

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13.3 kW Solar System

This commercial solar system installation is a cost -effective solution that can power small to medium size businesses. Equipped with premium quality solar panels, this system can withstand the harsh weather conditions to aid your business with a reliable source of energy.

Best solar company Melbourne

15 kW Solar System

This particular solar installation package is a masterpiece to light up any commercial space. Equipped with a supporting inverter, the 15kW package provides durable and reliable energy solutions to the companies of Australia. With advanced features and unrivaled performance in any weather conditions, this solar system installation will take your business to new heights.

SunSolar Energy: The Right Solar Partner for Your Business

There is a growing demand for green energy in companies in Australia and many commercial solar companies are providing services to meet these demands. However, not all of them meet the expectations and specifications of the customers. The team of SunSolar Energy has the potential to make your investment count.

Our team provides end to end support, right from the initial consultation to the final solar panel installations Australia-wide. We believe in fostering relations that last and it is evident from our exceptional service support even after installations. Here are a few reasons why partnering with SunSolar Energy is your best option:

So, what’s holding you back from recognising your duty to the environment. Book a consultation with us and make your business more sustainable by choosing green energy. Our team will get your commercial solar installation done and running in no time.

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