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Ever wondered how can a solar system help me in my night time consumption?

First of all you have to understand the logic how a solar system can reduce your electricity bill. You need electricity supply to your property for your daily house hold usage and for that you purchase electricity from your supplier. So your electricity bill amount depends on your electricity purchase from grid.

So to get your electricity bill reduced you have to reduce your purchase from the grid. Installing a solar system is a solution to that. A solar system allows to produce electricity on your own by using Sunlight. Now as you are using that solar generated electricity you don’t need to purchase electricity from the grid. On the contrary if your solar system has generated access electricity than you need in your house you can export it back to grid as well and for that you will be paid in your electricity account. It may happen that due to lower selling rates of electricity back to the grid compared to purchase rates from grid your night time electricity consumption may cause you still to pay some amount of your electricity bill.

But, as the solar system works only in the presence of Sun it will not generate any power in the night. So what about your night time usage?

You can store in the day time and use it in the night time. By installing a battery along with your solar system you can store access generated electricity in that battery and you can use it in the night time.

SunSolar Energy brings you a wide range of Battery storage systems that will give you a reliable and long term solution to slash down your electricity bill.

Our Solar Expert will assist you in choosing a right solution to your requirements.

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