Our Promise

Guaranteed Panel Performance

Up to 25-year performance warranty on your solar panels. When you speak with one of our solar consultants, you will know exactly how much power your custom-designed system is capable of producing because we use one of the most cutting-edge, market-leading products and manufacturers to ensure solar generation is in line with your home’s potential for solar. You save more when your system outperforms.
solar panels and installation

Workmanship Warranties

A 5-Year Workmanship Warranty is included with your system to ensure that it is free of material and component flaws. Although some parts, such inverters, may have a shorter guarantee, this warranty may be increased to 20 years for a fee. Such features are covered by your solar quotation or contract. You have access to a full system warranty, and if any flaws are discovered, they will be free to fix.

Manufacturer Warranties

We exclusively utilize premium solar panels made by leading manufacturers in the sector, who are renowned for exhaustively testing their goods and offering 25-year panel linear output guarantees. The warranties on the panels we sell range from 12 to 25 years, depending on the manufacturer.