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Premium Solar Panels in Sydney

SunSolar Energy is a leading name among the many solar companies Sydney houses. We are a trusted name in the industry for providing clean solar energy. At SunSolar, our primary motto is to provide high-quality customer service to foster long-term, honest relationships.

As an expert provider of solar panel installation Sydney-wide, we take pride in delivering sustainable solutions and reducing your energy bills. We provide a diverse service portfolio including sale of solar panels, installation of solar panels, cleaning and maintenance on existing solar panels.

So, if you are looking for a solar panel specialist, give us a call today.

A row of solar panels stand on a green field, against the blue sky. A symbol of clean energy, concern for the environment, a concept.

Solar Dominance in Sydney: The SunSolar Effect

SunSolar Energy is a widespread organisation serving various cities in the country. Apart from Sydney, one can find our offices in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, NSW and Queensland. In our extensive experience spanning over many years, we have given various homes and commercial places a makeover by providing sustainable and clean solar energy.

Sydney is among our biggest markets, where numerous households and businesses are now leveraging the power of the sun and opting for a clean energy system. Our spectrum of services is vast enough to cover your every residential and commercial needs. Choosing us, you can rest assured regarding the quality and pricing of the service. Moreover, our solar panels come with 25 years of output warranty with an added inverter warranty to assure sustainability.

SunSolar Energy is a CEC(Clean Energy Council) approved organisation and every solar installer in our team has the certification and skills to do a perfect job. Clear communication and superior customer service forms the foundation of our service process.

Brilliant Solutions by SunSolar Energy

SunSolar Energy is a renowned name in the industry because of its impressive services and economical prices. Our team has brilliant quotes and packages to help you switch over to green energy. Irrespective of your need being residential or commercial, the professional experts at SunSolar Energy have the right Sydney solar panels to brighten up your home. Although we provide customised services based on your needs and requirements, we also have a list of pre-formed packages to help you understand the energy usage. Here is a look into our premeditated packages suitable for Sydne’s home and office spaces:

Residential Packages

Every home is unique and so are the energy requirements in them. Comprehending your unique needs and purposes, SunSolar Energy brings three standard packages that can cater to the majority of households. The most common package however is the 10kW Solar system Sydney that can cater the needs of almost all mid to large scale households. Our other packages include:

Best solar company Melbourne

6.6 kW Solar System

Best solar company Melbourne

10 kW Solar System

Best solar company Melbourne

13.3 kW Solar System

Commercial Packages

Keeping with our reputation as the best Solar company in Sydney, our team offers exemplary commercial packages as well. These packages aim at reducing your energy bills and making your business more profitable. Many businessmen in Sydney now realise the benefits of Solar energy and are now choosing Solar over non-renewable energy sources to power their dreams.

Our most popular commercial solar panel installation packages include:

Best solar company Melbourne

13.3 kW Solar System

Best solar company Melbourne

15 kW Solar System

Government Rebates for Solar Panels in Sydney

The government of Sydney is also encouraging the inhabitants to switch over clean energy. To support this clean and green revolution, the government is offering various incentives and rebates, motivating people to move towards solar energy. This effort from the government has considerably reduced the solar panel Sydney cost, thus encouraging the citizens to go solar.

The expert solar panel installers at SunSolar Energy are educated about these incentives and guide you on the best way to maximise your benefits from solar energy. Some of these incentives include:

1. Small Scale Technology Certificates or STCs

STC is an initiative by the government to reduce the solar panel cost for the citizens. In a straightforward language, STC is an upfront discount for any solar installations below 100kW in Australia. The Solar companies Sydney-wide can collect this rebate for installing a solar panel to your residence. Honest and reputed firms like SunSolar Energy, will generally provide a quote with total costs( before the rebate) and net cost (after the rebate) to give the customers a clear picture.

2. Feed-in Tariffs

The feed-in tariffs can not be considered a direct rebate, but it helps the homeowners reduce their energy bills considerably. It is an initiative that allows the homeowners to feed the extra energy generated back to the grid in exchange for reduced energy costs.

These and some other incentives make solar energy more accessible to residents of Sydney making them more environmentally responsible and conscious. Our team is constantly up to date with any new advancements and skilled enough to educate you regarding the same.

So Sydney, connect with us to sustainably power your home with Australia’s most trusted solar brand, because at SunSolar Energy: We can make it happen.